One of my great passions in life right now is to share my own journey and help other men find a better balance in there body, mind, and spirit.

The essence of what I want to share is the possibility for expansion, to get in touch more with the feelings and the glorious insights of what it’s really all about, and what matters most to you.

During my own journey, I have received many new insights, got more in tune with my own feelings and started to welcome all aspects of myself. To not hold back, show up in life and be as authentic as possible. To simply dare to be the one I am. Stand up for what I believe in and envision what kind of life I want to live.

I’m certified bodyworker and coach. With these two tools I create a unique space where I and give an opportunity to expand into something bigger, deeper and more present.



Tony Alfredsson

T: +46 70 777 10 70

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